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Presenting Companies -LP meeting

Companies presenting at the LP meeting:

Relay App: Backed by Andreessen-Horowitz (a16z) (TS), Khosla Ventures, SV Angel, Neo and the Box Group and Founded by Jacob Bank, Co-founder of Timeful which was sold to Google, Director, PM of GMail and Google Calendar, Relay makes it easy for leaders and operations teams to run a tight ship. It’s a new kind of collaboration tool that will help you capture effective workflows, give you peace of mind that they’ll be done on time, and automate tedious tasks and coordination. Relay combines the best elements of to-do lists and automation tools, enabling people to focus on their best work and taking care of the rest. Relay is currently in private-beta and is slated to release the product in early Jan. Relay is backed by Khosla Ventures, SV Angel, Neo and the Box Group, and the company has recently executed a $3M preemptive termsheet from Andreessen-Horowitz (a16z) at $30M cap.

Joro App: Backed by Sequoia Capital, and Jay-Z’s Arrive, Joro App is a Climate Action in the Pocket. Founded in 2019 by solo founder Sanchali Pal, Joro is a personal carbon footprint reducing App. Joro helps people track and reduce their carbon footprints. For a fee, users can offset part or all of their emissions. To make it simple, Joro offers a subscription. With ~15K users on the platform, some paying upto $1000/month and others as low as $60/month, the company is currently doing $1M ARR. Joro recently raised a $10M Series-A round led by Sequoia Capital (Sequoia also led their seed and pre-seed rounds in 2020 and 2019 respectively). Other investors include Amasia, Norrsken, Nest co-founder Matt Rogers’ Incite, Jay-Z’s Arrive, and Mike Einziger, the lead guitarist of Incubus.

MEMCYCO : MEMCYCO provides a cybersecurity authenticity platform that protects the company's digital assets and their end-users from phishing attacks. Built by a veteran team of CEO, Israel Mazin (founder CEO of Memco which was acquired for $400m by Platinum/CA) and CRO, Ori Mazin. MEMCYO is working to prevent fraudulent communication and imposter sites with a Proof of Source Authenticity Platform. 8 customers, 5 in production. Focused on ecommerce, finance and healthcare verticals. Target market is midsize organizations and enterprises. The company is raising a $8-10M Seed round at $16 pre-money valuation, led by Capri Ventures and angel investors.

Earth Force (referred by ): Founded by a team from SpaceX, Waymo, Patagonia and Israeli Defense Forces, Earth Force is a unique early-stage startup, bringing together people, partners, and new tools to solve environmental challenges. Using cutting-edge technologies to enable efficient prevention of wildfires at scale, Earth Force is preventing megafires by scaling vegetation management with a proprietarily developed Vegetation Management System. Projecting $1M revenues in 2023 with PG&E and National Forest Foundation and an MOU with national leader, the company has closed a Seed round of $8.6M (in October 2022) on $20M pre-money, and now adding additional $2.4M to the seed round. Investors include ARV, Bold, Third Sphere (, Climate Capital and Generate Capital with a $50M equipment financing/leasing option.

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