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J-Ventures Aug 23rd LP Meeting Recap and Recording

Please find the recording of our J-Ventures LP meeting today discussing the Value Add we can bring our portfolio companies and presenting 4 Portfolio companies : Cents, Bright Security, Beehero and Atidot. Please keep the info confidential. J-Ventures Portfolio Founders presented their companies, how J-Ventures helped them and what is their need. All companies presented a strong growth VS last year of triple or nearly triple digit and both Cents and Beehero predicted they will be Cashflow positive next year. Following the feedback from the 100 Kibbutz members on the call - We will do more meetings with Portfolio companies. We saw a great engagement during the call with the companies, and over 12 intros been made or suggested already. Kol Hackavod!

  • Alex Jekowsky, CEO of Cents (Vertical SaaS for laundromats) raised$29M led by Bessemer and Tiger Global, fast growth to $10M + rev this year, 18 months after they raised the first round. Please watch from min 16:45. Needs - Referrals to Laundromats owners and Landers/Bank to fund an M&A deal they plan to do (They have TS already in place).

  • Gadi Bashvitz, CEO and co-founder of Bright Security and LP in J-Ventures. Bright Security is a next generation AI-powered DAST. They raised $25M from DNX, Evolution Partners and Fusion Fund, growing to $3M rev this year. Please watch from Min 33:14 Please follow this link to make intros to CISOs, CTOs, Head of AppSec, Architects and Head of DevOps

  • Omer Davidi, Founder/ CEO of BeeHero (AI for Beehives which increases pollination, and "Airbnb" of Beeguys/ Farmers). J-Venturesinvested in Beehero in Feb 2020. The company has since then raised additional $17M and is now raising $40M series-B round. Revenue grew from $650K in 2020 to $8.5M in 2021 to $17M in 2022, and the company projects $60m in 2023. Please Watch from Min 48:53 - Asking for New market opportunities (Mostly financials models), Supply chain advise.

  • Dror Katzav, CEO of Atidot (AI & machine learning solutions to monetize data for insurance Companies), raised $18M from Moneta and Vertex growing to $8-10M rev this year. Please watch from Min 59:55. Asking for intros to Insurance companies and Annuity writers, Intros to Relevant insurance GAs and PE Firms.

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