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A reminder- J-Ventures Ad Hoc meeting presenting 3 start ups is tomorrow at 8:30 Am PT (Base.Ai back

------------------------------------------confidential------------------------------------ Dear Kibbutz Members,

In this email:

In this email: Presenting companies tomorrow in our LP meeting:

1) Base AI (referred by Jake Flomenberg): Fast approaching $2M ARR, Base AI is leading the evolution of B2B marketing by building a Customer-led Growth (CLG) ecosystem for customer marketing professionals to grow in, including an end-to-end Customer Marketing platform, the first CLG academy, and a global professional Community. With integrations, automations, insights, and education, Base helps you refocus your efforts on your company's most valuable assets - its relationships with its customers. Some of the world's best marketing teams are already using Base to go from impacting Demand to impacting Growth, including HubSpot, Gainsight, Twilio, Gong, NICE, NetApp, Calendly, Similarweb, Trustpilot, Gainsight, Radware, Zscaler and more. Wing Ventures led the round with Vertex Israel. Deck here (Pass: Sept)

2) Bluedot (referred by Gil Frostig): Deck here - Bluedot has built a last mile customer engagement platform powered by location, with location enabled contactless payments for B2B companies. They provide all-in-a-box solutions for frictionless pickup, location based loyalty and marketing with 1st party data for recurring visits for their customers. Bluedot is currently on tract to $3M+ ARR in 2022, $4.5M TCV on contract with prime customers such as Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, ARCO, Discount Tyres, Philz Coffee and others in Food & Beverage and Retail, Gas & Convenience sectors. The company is raising a $3M convertible note, of which $2.5M is already subscribed at 20% discount, $30M pre-money cap - Investors include iag, Engage Ventures, Autotech Ventures and others.

3) Deposits: Deposits is a cloud fintech platform that offers banks, brands, and communities an easy-to-use, turnkey solution for engagement, modernization and best-in-class financial services such as payments, mobile apps and lending. Deposits partners with networks and regulated financial institutions to simplify the building blocks for modernizing financial experiences and empowers community banks, credit unions, insurers, employment services, retailers, and others to deliver engagement, financial innovation and inclusion. Deposits is doing $1.2M ARR with current customers such as FRSH, AiBUY, IFEB, Moniwave and Ujamaa, among others. Raised $5M round led by ATX Ventures, Cabal Fund, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and others at $25M pre-money valuation. Deposits is headquartered in Dallas, TX. Deck here (Pass: Sept)

Please see below more updates about our portfolio . Shana tova! Oded and Jim Please visit our Blog for on going updates - and join with your own thoughts and posts:

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