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Initial investment in Nov 2021

What do they do: Atidot is a leader in predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for the life insurance and annuity industry. Atidot's cloud-based platform provides insurers with data-driven, actionable insights that create new revenue-generating opportunities to increase sales and customer retention. Atidot solutions also provide a deep understanding of insurers' product positioning and competitive landscape, enabling carriers to adjust their product strategy and react quickly to changing market conditions and competition.

Founder/ CEO: Dror Katzav (Silicon Valley)

Initial Investment: J-Ventures invested $750K in Series-A plus round.

Status and developments in Q4 and the past year:

  • Concluded a $10.5M SAFE round with West Coast Equity Partners, Hudson Structured, SE2 etc.

  • Concluded a successful POC with Kuvare and started scoping a full implementation.

  • Signed partnership with Health Gorilla and redline partnership with SCOR to develop novel capabilities in UW. Signed a POC with AAA and an agreement with NTT.

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