Zohar ilinetsky

California, USA

FinTech, Property Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Advertising, All

General Manager and Partner at Green Bay

Zohar ilinetsky - I’ve been a people-person ever since I uttered my first words. Growing up in a conflict-ridden country surrounded with poverty, what kept me thriving was my ability to connect with different people and find opportunities for growth even in the toughest conditions. As I became more aware of this innate ability, I grew fascinated with the human mind and capacity to better oneself. Since then I’ve been on a quest to maximize my human potential.
Fast forward 20 years, I am an entrepreneur, real estate developer, investor, LP of multiple prestigious Venture Capitalist firms and partner in one of America’s fastest growing private companies. I have trained dozens of individuals in art and science of sales, marketing, communication, and management in a variety of industries.
When I invest I bring in my experience and expertise in business development. I seek ways to bring added value to the companies I invest in. I am actively involved with business founders and CEOs to bring their vision alive in the most efficient and growth-oriented way.
The nuts and bolts of my growth stems from the relationships I’ve formed along the way, and continue to cultivate. When I rise up, I bring others up with me. Every company, every team, every project I engage with is an opportunity – a chance to help maximize their potential and maximize value.