Yoel Cheshin


Mobility, All

Founder, 2B-Group

Yoel Cheshin - A tech investor and a philanthropist, Yoel is the Chairman & Founder of 2B group, a successful investment vehicle in start ups and social impact who believe in a corporate world where social and enterprise interests are fused to maximize financial gain. He has over a decade of experience leading venture capital and private equity investments and providing business solutions for social concerns and issues. He founded and currently oversees the investment vehicle 2B, through which he epitomizes his concept of socially conscious consumerism and the corporate community model. Among his achievements are companies promoting smart and autonomous cars; companies working in the educational fields of future of work, excellency and leadership; and companies working from within the Arab and Haredi sectors. All this alongside his extensive philanthropic activity. A prolific and human-centric investor, he supports innovative entrepreneurs with disruptive technologies and helps them build industry-leading enterprises. Yoel received his LLB (summa cum laude) from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is a member of the Kauffman Foundation and MAOZ Network, serves on the board of trustees of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Jerusalem Foundation and is the Founder & Chairman of the Business Roundtable Israel. He is a regular contributor to numerous journals and magazines that encourage open dialogue on pressing issues. A prominent thought and industry leader, he is an expert in matters of conscious capitalism, philanthropy and impact investing.