Yigal Tamir


Angel investor (Seed investor in Mobileye)

Yigal Tamir - A successful Angel investor (He was a pre seed investor in Mobileye, which turned out to be the largest exit of an Israel company- $15B to Intel), and many other Bio tech, Ag tech, enterprise start ups. Tamir served in the Israeli Parachutes commando unit and was part of the heroic battle which became a symbol of the 67’ war- the battle on the Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem. He served in the Israeli finance ministry, as director of the national budget for agriculture and water and was the VP of the national Water company. founded company for execution projects in water and oil . Tamir is an activist, both in politics and in NGOs including a founding member of Binah, the secular Judaism. A member of leading team at IPI Israel Yozemet ( regional peace initiative for regional solution) Leading and involved In tens of startups