Steven Fram

California, USA

Advertising, Consumer, Enterprise SW/ SaaS, Healthcare, Cloud, All

Co-Founder and CTO, Mon Ami, Inc., Ex SVP of Engineering and Product at Caring.com, J&J Operating Company CIO.

Steven Fram - A growth-oriented technical executive with extensive operating experience.

I am currently co-founder and CTO of Mon Ami, Inc. Mon Ami provides SaaS software to municipalities and agencies they work with to provide critical services, especially to at-risk seniors.

Prior to co-founding Mon Ami, I was SVP of Engineering and Product at Caring.com, which I co-founded to help the 45 million Americans caring for an aging loved one.

Before Caring.com, I was the first technical executive at BabyCenter, which is used by 90% of new moms in the US and operates globally. We sold BabyCenter to Johnson & Johnson, where I served five years as a J&J Operating Company CIO.

Earlier in my career I worked with the MacArthur Foundation, Ford Foundation and the United Nations to provide technical assistance Internet operators in the third world.

Both Caring.com and BabyCenter have had successful exits, with BabyCenter being valued as high as $8 Billion.

I am passionate about building and motivating great teams and leading through periods of intense growth and business transformation.

In my spare time, I work to support burgeoning entrepreneurs and women in particular, mentoring at Women’s Startup Lab and StartX.

I am also an avid master's swimmer and enjoy cycling the Bay Area hills