Stephanie Cherrin

California, USA

Consumer, Enterprise SW/ SaaS, FinTech, Mobility, All

Principal, Porsche Ventures

Stephanie Cherrin - Head of Porsche Digital North America VC team. Experienced in corporate innovation, B2C investing, and media strategy experience. After finishing her MA in London at King’s College, London, Stephanie started her career as a Financial Media Analyst with JP Morgan. After 5 years she transitioned to be an Associate and founding member at Krypton VC. Stephanie then moved over to head the early-stage fund of Deutsche Telekom AG in Tel Aviv, and moved to the United States with the group. After NFX invested in her husband’s company that was subsequently acquired, she joined the NFX team as Head of Network. She built and scaled the value creation side of the fund through her network across Israel and Silicon Valley, while working closely with new and existing investments. W