Stas Khirman


CyberSecurity, Enterprise SW/ SaaS, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, All

CoFounder and CTO, realizeMD and Co-Founder at SVOD Conference

Stas Khirman - Stas is an investor, a serial entrepreneur, and co-founder of three Silicon Valley startups.

Stas is a Managing Partner of TEC Ventures, an early-stage technology venture fund, based in the Silicon Valley, and a founder of TEC Club, a network of thousands of high-tech professionals, investors, and angels from all over the world, with the headquarters in the Silicon Valley.

Stas is a Co-Founder of SVOD Conference, a premier conference for entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world. Also, Stas is a Board Member of AmBAR (American Business Association of Russian-speaking professionals) – the largest business association of Russian-speaking professionals in the world.

Following the acquisition of his latest startup ChooChee by Deutsche Telekom, Stas served as CTO of Deutsche Telekom Hosted Business Services.

Prior to co-founding ChooChee, Stas was a Co-Founder of Skyrider, a revolutionary company developing technologies to organize & monetize peer-to-peer networks.

Stas co-founded Narus, a global leader in software and technology for the telecom industry and government agencies, where he helped design the world’s most scalable network transaction analysis system. Narus was acquired by The Boeing Company.

Stas also served as the networking group leader at VDOnet, a pioneer in internet video. VDOnet was acquired by Citrix. Over the years, Stas has consulted and coached over 1,000 businesses on strategy, business development, and venture financing.

Stas holds a Master’s degree (Summa Cum Laude) in Mathematics from the University of Kiev.