Slavik Markovich

California, USA

CyberSecurity, Cloud, Enterprise SW/ SaaS, All

SVP Palo Alto Networks, Founder and CEO, Demisto (Palo Alto Networks), VP & CTO of database technologies at McAfee

Slavik Markovich - Slavik Markovich is a serial entrepreneur with a passion to solve hard technology problems. He is currently SVP Products at Palo Alto Networks (former co-founder and CEO of Demisto), and serves as board member and advisor to several security startups. Prior to co-founding Demisto, he was VP & CTO of database technologies at McAfee (Intel Security). He joined McAfee via the acquisition of Sentrigo, a database security startup, which he co-founded and served as CTO. Slavik has contributed to many open-source projects and is a regular speaker at industry conferences. He holds a BSc degree in Computer Science.