Shavit Matias


Former Deputy Attorney General of Israel for international law.

Shavit Matias - Dr. Shavit Matias is an expert in international law and globalization, and is a former Deputy Attorney General of Israel for international law. She is currently a member of the faculty of the Lauder School of Government IDC and heads its Global Affairs and Conflict Resolution program. Between 2013-2020 she participated as an expert in United Nations professional working groups formulating international laws and standards on cloud, e-commerce, trade, investments and dispute settlement. She was a Fellow at the Hoover Institution Stanford University and a visiting scholar at CDDRL Stanford University.Between 2004-2013 Dr. Matias served as Deputy Attorney General of Israel in charge of international issues. Dr. Matias founded and headed the Department for International Agreements and International Litigation, regularly advised Prime Ministers and the Government on policy and law regarding international matters, and represented Israel in numerous international negotiations and international institutions. She was a member of Israeli National Security Council teams on a range of national security challenges, national strategy building, international law, Middle East policy, counter-terrorism, and international conflicts. She headed inter ministerial committees on a range of complex matters, and worked with colleagues from around the world to develop international mechanisms and international tools.
Dr. Matias is a recipient of the 2008 Award from Georgetown University Law Center for Outstanding Achievements in the Profession, and served on the President of Israel’s Committee for Doctoral Grants for Academic Excellence and Scientific Innovation. She is on the Professional Advisory Board of the International Institute for Counter Terrorism.
Dr. Matias is a member of the Israeli bar and the New York bar. She clerked at the Supreme Court of Israel, received her LLB from Tel-Aviv University, her LLM from Georgetown University, and her Doctorate in International Law (S.J.D.) from George Washington University. She taught at Georgetown University Law Center, and Stanford University. She worked at the law firm of Shearman and Sterling in the International Trade and Litigation Department and was a partner at the law firm of Yigal Arnon.