Roy Erez

California, USA

Enterprise SW/ SaaS, FinTech, All

Founding Partner, R-Squared Ventures, Co-Founder and CEO of Loop Commerce/ Synchrony

Roy Erez - Roy Erez was the Co-Founder and CEO of Loop Commerce, a company disrupting fintech, retail and commerce with its multi-patented and award-winning GiftNow® technology and service, implemented by leading retail brands, enterprise customers and partners. He started Loop in 2012, raised $30 million from tier-1 industry leaders, scaled it thru the acquisition by Synchrony in mid-2018, and continued to run the company as a wholly owned subsidiary as CEO and as a GM and SVP with Synchrony until departing in mid-2020. Roy was previously a venture capitalist for nearly a decade, in Israel and in the US. Then continued as an executive with a few start-up companies, all acquired, before founding Loop. Roy lives in Silicon Valley and is currently an active early stage angel investor as a Founding Partner of R-Squared Ventures. Roy holds an MBA (cum laude) from Columbia Business School.