Richard Goozh

California, USA

Media & Entertainment, Chemical, Health tech, All

CFO, Teknova

Richard Goozh - Richard Goozh is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for building, professionalizing and financing technology companies. His career spans founding companies, investment banking and Fortune 500 leadership roles. Richard’s C-level roles were with private biotech companies focused on biological media and molecular diagnostics. Richard has led dozens of financing and M&A initiatives.

Richard dramatically and positively impacts the organizational and financial performance of the companies he works with leading to improved business metrics including revenue growth, margin expansion and increased ROI. To achieve great results, he focuses simultaneously on finance and marketing strategies as well as on ’soft’ strategic issues, i.e., organization and culture. Developing efficient organizational processes and structures and creating a culture of creativity and enthusiasm around the corporate mission are at the core of each successful venture.

At heart, Richard is a technologist. In addition to having degrees in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering, he has an ongoing thirst to study new technologies. This passion has led to deep dives into fields as diverse as biotechnology, software, wireless technologies, semiconductors, thin film technologies, metallurgy and more.