Ravit Koriat - Hermoni

Advertising, Consumer, All

Linkedin's Business Development- Manages the team of API, Pages, Social, Adtech

Ravit Koriat - Hermoni - Linkedin's Business Development. Experienced leader in B2C and B2B, Web and Mobile companies focusing on Partnerships, Marketing and Growth. Expertise in AdTech, eCommerce, Video and Visual Search. Highly skilled strategist and negotiator with a proven track record of closing $M partnerships, increasing revenues from $0 to $50M and driving growth of over 100M users.
Currently Manage and scale strategic & product partnerships at Linkedin's Business Development team and leading the Business Development team responsible for Linkedin's business Development of API, Social, Pages and AdTech. Former VP Marketing of Magisto (acquired by Vimeo), VP Marketing and Partnerships of Just Visual, VP Marketing of Zango, Director of Marketing at HotBar (Zango).