Neil Schloss

Michigan, USA

Mobility, All

Former CFO, Ford Mobility and Controller of Ford Motors. Director, Karamba Securities, Phantom Auto and BNP Paribas USA Inc.

Neil Schloss - Neil offers three decades of extraordinary success in a series of high-level roles at Ford. Neil’s invaluable expertise and broad business range have powered a history of developing successful business products and tools that drive the achievement of company objectives. Such traits have consistently enabled Neil to achieve an impressive command of the skills needed to manage ongoing business planning needs while developing strategies to meet future challenges. Neil’s achievements with Ford are a testament to his tenacity, drive for success, and unique ability to navigate the most complex and challenging business scenarios, including leading global treasury operations to overcome financial crises that did overwhelm many other enterprise companies. Upon being named as VP and Chief Financial Officer for Ford Mobility (July 2016), Neil was an invaluable partner to the President, Ford Mobility, providing guidance and direction across business, finance, and strategy, balancing a start-up mentality inside of a big-multinational company. Neil has dedicated himself and his vision as a leader who engages in projects with an “All-In” attitude. With a gift for successfully building strong relationships, teams and holding a key role leading all facets of finance and strategy, Mr. Schloss successfully positioned Ford to lead in the application of best business and finance practices. Neil retired from Ford Y/E 2018. Presently, Neil holds board positions at Karamba Security, Phantom Auto and BNP Paribas USA, Inc. He is also on the advisory board of OurCrowd. Neil is on the non-profit board of Kids Kicking Cancer, whose mission is to ease the pain of very sick children while empowering them to heal physically, spiritually and emotionally and is on the Investment Committee of The Fisher Group (Fisher Foundation).