Murray Brozinsky

California, USA

Healthcare, Artificial Intelligence, Education Tech, All

CEO, Conversa Health

Murray Brozinsky - Murray is CEO of Conversa Health, an Automated Virtual Care Platform designed to expand access to care, enhance patient experience, and improve health outcomes. Health systems, payers, and pharmaceutical companies use Conversa to keep patients on personalized evidence-based pathways to better health. Conversa was honored as the Best Remote Diagnostics company at the 2020 UCSF Digital Health Awards. During COVID-19, Conversa is helping keep people connected without getting infected.
Murray co-founded and helped lead a number of health-related companies, including: AVIH, Talix, Healthline (sold to Summit Partners), and Lypro Biosciences (sold to Cerenis) as well as data-driven consumer behavior companies, including Loyalty Matrix (sold to Oracle) and Netcentives (IPO). He has worked at BCG and Morgan Stanley, advising Global 2000 companies. He sits on the boards of Adacado and DeAnza Tech Academy.
Murray speaks and writes frequently on innovation in healthcare. Recent keynote presentations include: World Medical Innovation Forum (Partners HealthCare), CEO Healthcare Roundtable; Harvard Business School’s Annual Healthcare Conference; The First Wave of AI Transformation in Healthcare (Rock Health); Commonwealth Bank’s Future of Health Conference; Ogilvy’s HealthBot Summit; HealthXL’s Global Gathering; and Cleveland Clinic’s Academic Venturing Summit.
Murray has been interviewed by Computerworld, Forbes, NYT, TechCrunch, Wired Magazine, and WSJ. He’s also an award-winning playwright. His most recent play, Heavenly Bodies, won the Players Theatre Short Play Festival, NYC. He is most proud, though, of his marriage to Alisa and their progeny, Sophie.