Miguel Brechner


Education Tech, All

Founder and President of Plan Ceibal, Uruguay

Miguel Brechner - Miguel Brechner is an entrepreneur that has been involved in technology projects since 1978. He was responsible for the introduction in Uruguay of Digital Equipment Corporation, later Compaq, Apple, Acer as well as Newbridge Networks (later Alcatel) and Sonda Chile in the fields of computers, systems engineering and telecommunications.

He founded and was President of Plan Ceibal between 2007 and February 2020. Plan Ceibal is one of the most comprehensive agencies devoted to innovation in pedagogy and technology for the educational system.
It has deployed internet, laptops and tablets for all students in public education between grades 1 to 9, installed educational platforms (English, Robotics, Maths, Computational Thinking, LMS) as well as new pedagogies for deep learning (NPDL) for schools and middle schools.

He actually works as a consultant for IDB (International Development Bank) and participates in solving the challenges of using technology to improve pedagogies in many countries of Latin America.

He holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Kings College, London, a MSc in Telecommunications Engineering from Imperial College London.
His hobbies are professional soccer photography, and triathlon sports.