Matt Hershenson

California, USA

Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Information / Manufacturing, Quantum, CleanTech, Semiconductor, All

Co-Founder, Playground Global, Co founded Android at Google, Co founder of Danger inc- known as T-Mobile Sidekick

Matt Hershenson - Matt has played a key role in the development of a variety of notable hardware products across the categories of integrated circuits, laptops, and smartphones in his career in the silicon valley. He is a Founding Partner at Playground Global, a leading DeepTech VC fund in SV Most recently, he was Director of Hardware in Google’s Android group, where he built a “full-stack” hardware team - from designing integrated circuits, through board and system design, mechanical engineering, package design, as well as environmental compliance and manufacturing operations. At Playground, he works with a wide range of companies from robotics and AI-powered drones to silicon photonics integrated circuits. Prior to Google, he co-founded Danger, Inc,best known for creating the T-Mobile Sidekick. At Danger, he led hardware design and operations for multiple product generations before becoming SVP of Advanced Projects and helped take the company from its inception in 1999 to an initial IPO filing and successful acquisition by Microsoft in 2008. https://scet.berkeley.edu/playground-co-founder-matt-hershenson-highlights-importance-finding-good-people-work-worrying-good-idea/