Mary Maydan

California, USA

Property Tech, All

Principal at Maydan Architects. Inc.

Mary Maydan - Principal and founder of Maydan Architects. She founded her firm in 2004, and gained immediate recognition for her design of an ultra modern residence, which stood in sharp contrast to the traditional architecture that dominated Silicon Valley at the time. This first project established Maydan as a leader of a new trend and defined her niche — minimalistic contemporary architecture. Prior to founding Maydan Architects, Maydan was the U.S. Correspondent of the prestigious Israeli newspapers Globes and then Ha'aretz. She lived in New York City, where she spent her time writing feature stories about some of the most inspiring/intriguing figures of our time. She interviewed, among others, Mikahil gorbachev, Barbara Walters, Larry King, Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Gates and Donald Trump.