Lyron Bentovim

Pennsylvania, USA


Co-Founder President & CEO, The Glimpse Group

Lyron Bentovim - Mr. Bentovim currently serves as The President and Chief Executive Officer of the Glimpse
Group, a Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) platform company. Mr. Bentovim
also serves as the Managing Partner at DarkLight Partners, a strategic advisor to small and midsize
public and private companies. Mr. Bentovim is an Adjunct Lecturer at The Fordham
Gabelli School of business teaching Entrepreneurship. Prior To Founding The Glimpse Group,
Mr. Bentovim served as Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer of Top Image Systems
(NASDAQ – TISA), Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer of NIT Health and as the
Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Financial Officer of Sunrise Telecom, Inc.(NASDAQ –
SRTI). Earlier is his career Mr. Bentovim was a Managing Director and Portfolio Manager at
Skiritai Capital LLC, an investment advisor based in San Francisco and as the President, Chief
Operating Officer and co-founder of WebBrix, Inc. Additionally, Mr. Bentovim spent time with
strategy consultancies USWeb/CKS, the Mitchell Madison Group LLC and McKinsey &
Company Inc. Mr. Bentovim is a director at Manhattan Bridge Capital (NASDAQ – LOAN) and
over his career Mr. Bentovim has served on 8 public company boards and numerous private
company boards. Mr. Bentovim has an MBA from Yale School of Management and a law degree
from the Hebrew University.