Luca Rancilio



Co-Founder, Rancilio Cube and Chairman at Treedom

Luca Rancilio - Led Rancilio Group, a pioneer in the “espresso machines” and World leader in this industry. In December 2013, after selling 100% of “Rancilio Group spa”, Luca established the family office and business accelerator “Rancilio Cube”, together with other members of the Rancilio family. This structure is responsible for managing the family assets in a professional manner and is in charge of making targeted investments in private equity and other assets classes. With Rancilio Cube we are impact investors, angel investors and we like to co-invest with other entrepreneurs. In addition to the family office activity, “Cube” aims to “incubate” initiatives and bring our specific experience to mid-size companies. We have already made some valuable investments and approached a number of companies in the world of private equity funds and institutional investors. We prefer to invest in the US and outside of Italy, mostly in Germany and the UK. We do a family office activity on a daily basis and we invest in companies focused on venture, growth and impact, making both direct and fund investments. Regarding our direct investments, we have in our portfolio companies such as Lyft (made in 2015, we consider it as our "cornerstone" on venture/growth investments), Convoy, SpaceX, Airbnb, 23andme, Uber, Flexport, StadiumGoods (exit), Deliveroo, SumUp, Capsule, Coursera, Lyst, Omaze, Fraugster, Naadam, Prodigy Finance, N26, Taboola, Applause, HeartFlow, Reef, Rapyd, Logz.io, Tier, Toast, Bnext and many more. Cube also makes limited partner investments in funds, examples include HoltzBrinck, EarlyBird Growth, Firstmark V, DST VII, Jackson Square Venture III, GSquared IV, Speedinvest F and Speedinvest 3, Target Global Mobility and Early Stage II, Aspect Ventures II, Oxford Science Innovation, and Triodos Organic Growth. Luca is an active impact investor and he was the first italian member of the international network “Toniic”. He launched “Impact Park”, the first italian event fully dedicated to Impact Investment, held in 2017 and 2018.