Itai Sela

Colorado, USA

FinTech, All

President and CEO of the B2 Group

Itai Sela - Subject Matter Expert in the payment industry, specializing in, Smart Cards (EMV), Contactless and NFC technologies, Fraud, Risk Management, Cryptography, E-Commerce, Training and Consulting.

Currently I’m the President and CEO of the B2 group of companies established to help our customers migrate to EMV and contactless. I'm an internationally experienced speaker, trainer and consultant with a 22 year sound reputation and an exceptional track record of delivering proven results in both business and technical environments constrained by limited execution time frames and complex user requirements.

Throughout my career in the payment industry, I have spoken in numerous events, delivered hundreds of payment related trainings and participated and led several committees and forums including planning and implementation of EMV, Contactless and NFC projects around the world.