Harvey Goodman

California, USA

Healthcare, Education Tech, All

Founder and CEO, Eebu Health, former successful founder in EdTech and Chief Product Officer of its assessment division, Newscorp

Harvey Goodman - Harvey founded his first company when he was 18 to help cover the costs of college and sold it for a case of beer 4 years later. After 10 years at several software start-ups, he co-founded his second company in Ed Tech in 2006. He sold that business to the education division of News Corp and continued as the Chief Product Officer of its assessment division. When Newscorp sought to shed its investment in education, he bought the company back in 2016, grew revenue, and sold it again in 2017 to Insight Venture Partners who merged it with 2 competitors as Key Data Systems. He continued on as the Chief Strategy Officer of the new company and later become GM to lead the organization through an additional merger into Illuminate Education.

In 2019, Harvey left Illuminate to explore—he stayed in a yurt in the Alaskan winter to see the Northern Lights, experienced 24 hours of daylight in Iceland, and explored New Zealand in a campervan. In 2020, Harvey founded a Med Tech company called Eebu Health. He is also a start-up advisor and investor. He holds a BA from Duke University and an MEd from University of Massachusetts, Boston.