Harold Liang (Yosef Ben Avram)

California, USA

Semiconductor, All

Co-Founder, Mind'sl Microsystems, took 5 companies to an exit

Harold Liang (Yosef Ben Avram) - Harold Liang is a high tech entrepreneur with 38 years of proven track records in Silicon Valley and Asia’s recent technology ecosystem. Harold has co-founded four technology startups as well as invested in various tech startups in US and Asia. Harold has been senior advisor for various Private Equity, Investment Banker and Professional Consulting firms (McKinsey) where he worked on several M&A tech transactions. Among his activities: managing partner of CIRTech Ventures, a Sino-Israeli Fund, Co-founder of Mind’sI Microsystems which is focusing on perception and autonomy AI market. He was Director of Strategic Marketing at Intel reporting to Intel China Chairman Office.Co-founder and operated Coolsand ($906M Exit) as CEO in Beijing, Paris and San Diego He managed Coolsand’s acquisition Harold’s previous position was the President/CEO of LuxSonor, a successful consumer multimedia SOC company which was acquired by Cirrus Logic, and President/CEO of Paradigm Logic, an ASIC subcontractor for US Military