Harold Goldberg

California, USA

Advertising, Enterprise SW/ SaaS, Healthcare, FinTech, All

Advisor for Taboola and Lumen ; Founder HG Advisors

Harold Goldberg - After thirty five years of successful operational experience in startups and growing F500 public companies, Harold Goldberg founded HGAdvisors to help mentor and coach the next generation of executives in fast-moving and ever-changing industries. Since its inception, Harold has worked with CEOs, founders, senior executives and their teams to develop cultures of agility and to focus on the issues that are most important in their businesses. Whether it be a year-old startup or a multi-billion-dollar enterprise,
HGAdvisors takes a customized and practical approach to helping its clients develop the capacity to grow and thrive in a hyper competitive business environment.
HGAdvisors has developed a number of proven methods to help its clients develop executives and teams to work at their highest level of performance. This includes but is not limited to:

o Executive & leadership coaching
o Deep 360 analysis for developing leaders
o Individualized leadership skills development plans
o Competency training for first time managers, directors & vice presidents
o Group and team facilitation including, initial discover, agenda design, meeting design, on-site facilitation and follow-up
o Five Dysfunctions of Leadership team training seminars
o M&A integration planning and execution (PMI)