Guy Kaplinsky

California, USA

Mobility, All

CEO, NFT Inc. (dba ASKA)

Guy Kaplinsky - Guy Kaplinsky is a successful serial entrepreneur with in-depth knowledge and expertise in technology-related projects and international business. Guy began his career at Nissho Iwai Corporation and worked as an executive. In 2001, Guy followed his passion as a visionary and entrepreneur to establish his first startup with Maki Kaplinsky, a dynamic Japanese female entrepreneur. This global company facilitated multi-million dollar government-related projects in over 15 countries.

Guy co-founded a second start-up with Maki Kaplinsky, IQP Corporation, which was an early innovator in the Internet of Things and concluded with a multi-million dollar M&A deal with GE Digital in 2017.

Guy cofounded NFT Inc. (dba ASKA) in 2018 with Maki Kaplinsky, CoFounder/Chair-COO, and developed the ASKA™ drive and fly vehicle for consumers. The company opened the world's first flying car showroom and air mobility learning center in April, 2021 to launch pre-orders of ASKA™. In August, 2021, ASKA™ On The Fly was announced, a timeshare service that makes it super-easy for people to choose a flexible plan to use and enjoy ASKA™.