Gil Frostig

California, USA

Cloud, CleanTech, FinTech, Healthcare, Mobility, Semiconductor, All

Tech Exec. Former VP at Intel and Qualcomm. J-Ventures CTO and Investment Committee member

Gil Frostig - Utilizing my rich experience at corp America (R&D, GM, M&A, more), combined with 20 years of involvement with startups, and extensive personal network - To advise, mentor and promote startups in variety of areas.CTO and Investment Committee member at J-Ventures VC fund.BoD member and strategic adviser at GigCapital Group, a SPAC company.Past career of 35 years as VP at Intel and at Qualcomm:· Global, multi-site, multi-cultural R&D/Operations leader and Business Unit GM.· Developed and delivered new industry-leading technologies and drove them to successful businesses.· Captured #1 market position in key markets e.g. WiFi, LAN.· Products included: WiFi, Low-power SoCs, Processors (ISP, Network, Atom-based…), LAN, Bluetooth, and more.· Proven, highly accomplished large-scale R&D and operations leader.