Eyal Ben-Chanoch

Florida, USA

Agriculture Tech, Artificial Intelligence, CleanTech, FoodTech, All

Exec Chairman, Board Member

Eyal Ben-Chanoch - Eyal has more than 3 decades of entrepreneurship leadership both in corporate and startup companies in diverse technology fields; from software systems to agriculture technologies. Born, raised and trained in Israel now living in Florida for 30 years, Eyal, beyond being an angel investor, helps early stage companies bridge the cultural gap between corporate America and foreign small startups; particularly from Israel. Since retiring from Bayer in 2019, he actively involved with Agrematch, Vital Technologies, ClariFruit and Senecio Robotics, and as investor in a few other early stage companies. Prior to that Eyal has held leading business strategy roles at Monsanto and later Bayer, sold Beeologics he co-founded and led to Monsanto and established the green accelerator Greenovation Labs. Prior to shifting to life-science, Eyal founded, developed and sold several hi-tech companies and was involved with: Concerto Software, Aspect Software, CellIT Technologies, Fibertel, and TEI. Back in Israel, he held several engineering leadership roles in hi-tech companies.