Emre Onder

California, USA

Artificial Intelligence, CleanTech, Mobility, Semiconductor, All

Corporate Strategy and Development, Analog Devices ; Consistent Growth Record over 10 Years up to $2B P&Ls

Emre Onder - Emre has over 25 years of management experience as a leader of global organizations and advisor to emerging companies with a track record of accelerating growth. Emre was most recently Senior VP, Marketing and Core Vertical Markets at Xilinx, where he led the $2B Core Vertical Markets portfolio after successfully growing it from $1.3B across diversified markets including Automotive/AD, Industrial & Medical. He also led product planning and marketing for Xilinx’s entire product portfolio. He is currently at Analog Devices on a strategy consulting assignment.

Prior to Xilinx, Emre served as VP/GM for Honeywell Sensing & IoT, and as VP, Core Markets at Analog Devices where he grew the company’s broad-market segment to over $1.2 Billion annual revenue and created the firm's award-winning B2B digital low-touch business model. Earlier in his career, Emre worked at EMC Corporation and the Boston Consulting Group. He was also a Co-Founder of Pelago Networks and a Principal at FSV, where he led the strategy consulting practice focused on earlier stage and venture-backed companies. Emre earned an MBA and Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. He is a recipient of the F.E. Terman Engineering Award and an Arjay Miller Scholar.