Edward Jakobovits

California, USA

Health tech, Medical Devices, All

Former Director of The California Israel Technology Collaborative

Edward Jakobovits - Dr. Edward Jakobovits was co-founder of the California Israel Technology Collaborative (CALiTC) that used online tools to facilitate collaborations between Israeli start-ups and companies in California and served two years on the board of the Southern California Israel Chamber of Commerce. He was founder and President of SciWeb, Inc., an Internet service for the biotechnology industry providing industry data and job-related services in collaboration with the Biotechnology Innovation Organization. Prior to SciWeb, Dr. Jakobovits worked at Syva Co. where he led the development of improved lines of diagnostics for multi-million-dollar drugs of abuse and therapeutic products. Previously, Dr. Jakobovits worked as head of Molecular Biology at Neurex Corp. where he led the discovery of novel human proteins involved with appetite suppression and bladder incontinence. He did his post-doctoral studies on oncogene expression with Dr. Harold Varmus at UCSF and at Genentech with Dr. Arthur Levinson. Dr. Jakobovits received his B.S. from McGill University and his Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics from the Weizmann Institute of Science.