Dror Maydan

California, USA


Director Of Software Development, Voice Technologies at Cisco, Co-founder of Babblelabs/ Cisco

Dror Maydan - Co-founder and VP of engineering at Babblelabs, which was successfully sold last month to Cisco. Dror is an entrepreneur and software executive with expertise in software systems and computer architecture. Babblelabs, he co founded, develops speech software to eliminate background noise from conference calls, and its software has already been integrated into Cisco WebEx, the leading voice and video conferencing solution. Prior to Babblelabs, he lead software development for Tensilica and developed the HiFi audio processor architecture, shipping billions of cores. Tensilica was acquired by Cadence for $380 million. Dror was previously an engineering manager at Silicon Graphics, leading the parallel compiler effort and developing the Open MP standard programming language. He received his undergraduate degree in EECS from UC Berkeley and his Ph.D. in CS from Stanford.