Bob Lisbonne

California, USA


General Partner with Matrix Partners, Founder of Mozilla. Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Bob Lisbonne - Bob's technology career spans roles as entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and operating executive. Since 2015 he has taught classes at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. Bob served as CEO of Luminate, launching the company, raising multiple rounds of venture capital, and leading its growth to 30 billion image views per year. As a General Partner with Matrix Partners, Bob invested in numerous startup companies. He has served on the Boards of companies which IPO’ed and got acquired by Cisco, HP, IBM, and Yahoo, among others. Bob led Netscape's famous "browser wars," as SVP and division GM managing all browser engineering and product management. While at Netscape, he launched open source pioneer mozilla.org, best known for its Firefox browser; Bob has long served on the board of directors at Mozilla. Previously, he held positions at startup Collabra Software, Apple, and Goldman Sachs. He attended Stanford University, where he earned MBA, MA, and BA degrees, and did graduate studies in Computer Science.