Behzad Kianmahd

California, USA

Consumer, Education Tech, FinTech, Mobility, Property Tech, All

Founder and CEO, Maxim Commercial Capital

Behzad Kianmahd - I am an immigrant from Iran since age 16, a serial entrepreneur, an angel investor, and committed to educational causes. I have started several companies in varied industries and have had the opportunity to branch out into several other countries (Japan, Taiwan, China, Morocco, France, and Italy) by way of manufacturing, impoting, wholesale, and retail operations, mostly in apparel related products and water bottling operations. My last start up is Maxim Commercial Capital, a specialty finance company in Los Angeles. I co-founded TAU Ventures, a seed stage venture fund established and managed by Tel Aviv University (TAU). I am proudly a member of, the board of governors of TAU and an active board member of the American Friends of Tel Aviv University (AFTAU) and, a member of the advisory board of UCLA Hospitals among other charitable causes my family supports.