Aliza Knox

Singapore, Australia

Advertising, Cloud, CyberSecurity, Education Tech, Enterprise SW/ SaaS, FinTech, Healthcare, All

Tech Exec and Sr Advisor, BCG

Aliza Knox - Aliza was named the IT Woman of the Year (Asia) in 2020. As a non-executive board director and advisor, she is dedicated to empowering the next generation of leaders building successful global businesses. Aliza is a Non-Executive Director of Tyro Payments, HealthMetrics, and Healthway Medical Group. She previously served on the boards of listed companies Scentre Group, Grant Thornton Int’l,SingPost,GfK &Invocare. Aliza most recently ran APAC for Cloudflare, a SaaS internet security provider. Previously, she was Head of APAC for Twitter, having joined the digital enterprise after building a significant business for Google in APAC.She is also a Senior Advisor to The Boston Consulting Group. She is a contributing columnist at Forbes, writing about rising and thriving in the corporate world and will be publishing a book on the same topic in 2022. She led SWAT (Super Women at Twitter) and did the same for Women@Google.. She is a mentor to young women via Minerva and the Asian University for Women. She divides her time between Singapore and Sydney.