Alisa Yaffa

California, USA

Electronic Design Automation, All

Managing Director, Step Up Funding, co-founded and and was the Chairwomen from 1994-2008 of Synplicity

Alisa Yaffa - Alisa Yaffa, is an active investor, and the founder and managing director of Step Up Funding, LLC., a technology investment and advisory service firm. Earlier, she co-founded and was the Chairman from 1994-2008 of Synplicity Inc., an electronic design automation software company. Throughout the 14 years at Synplicity, Alisa was able to try her hand at most of the executive functions, was involved with the IPO in 2000, various acquisitions and due-diligence projects, and the final sale to Synopsys in 2008. She especially enjoyed the legal, financial, and corporate governance work.